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We respect your privacy and protect our Users' personal data.
That is why we have developed this Privacy Policy, so that the user knows how we treat their personal data. When providing personal information or browsing the website, the User will be aware of the rules of use, protection and security established herein.
If after reading this Policy the user still has doubts, feel free to contact us through our service channels available on our website.

BASIC CONCEPTS: what you need to know to understand this Policy

You have the right to privacy and to have your personal data protected. To assist you in this matter, we have gathered below the main concepts that you need to know to understand this Policy.

Personal data: It is data relating to an individual who is able to identify him within a certain context. Personal data can be your name, RG, CPF, CNPJ, phone number or email.

Treatment: Are the uses of personal data, including, for example, but not limited to, the collection, storage, alteration, consultation, sharing, transmission, access or elimination of these.

Legal Bases: These are the legal hypotheses that authorize someone to process personal data: it may be your consent, the need to fulfill a contract we have with you or fulfill a legal obligation, for example.

You or Data owner: It is the natural or legal person to whom the personal data refer.

Platforms: These are the applications, platforms and websites offered by us, including the institutional website, private label and licensed websites, among others.

Cookies: These are small files that we transfer to your browser or device (such as a cell phone or tablet) that allow us to better understand how you interact with our platforms. They can be useful, for example, for the website to be adapted to the size of your cell phone or computer screen, record some access preferences and offer you a more efficient service.

Access Device Data: Data collected through cookies or similar technologies, including IP, date and time of access, geographic location, source of reference, type of browser, duration of visit to our platforms.

Analytics data: This is data about the use of our websites and applications that help us understand your browsing behavior and how the website and applications are being used.


Your data can be collected in several ways, such as: directly from you, when filling out, for example, a form on our platforms or through our social networks, when contacting us, making a purchase, participating in a promotion, searching our service network, participate in our events or when using one of our products or services.
We also collect some data in an automated way, through Cookies or similar technologies. To learn more about the use of cookies on our platforms, see the Cookie Policy.


The amount and type of data collected that we process varies depending on your interaction with us. For example, the data collected during your visit on our website is different from that collected when you register on our websites. Likewise, when you buy any of our products or hire any of our services.
In general, we treat personal data that you provide to us through contact forms, registrations and registrations and events in promotions, in addition to the data that we collect automatically through cookies. We always have a legal basis to treat your personal data, such as your consent, in the case of registrations or our legitimate interest to understand the use that is made of our platforms.


In order to offer our products and services with the quality and efficiency we desire, we rely on the support of other companies to assist in our operations. Thus, in some cases, we need to share data with these companies, as described below:

Technology services: We have several suppliers that help us provide better services and offer more complete products, such as those that offer data hosting to store our database. information. These partners are authorized to use your personal data only for the specific purposes for which they were engaged. This means that they will not use your personal data for purposes other than those provided for in the contract.

Marketing partners: We have partners who help us maintain our communication with you, understand your interaction profile with us and create relevant content for our brands. These partners are authorized to use your personal data only for the specific purposes for which they were engaged. This means that they will not use your personal data for purposes other than those provided for in the contract.

Performance analysis: We also have partners who help us obtain relevant information about our business (analytics data) to understand who are the people who use our services or purchase products, as well as the way they interact with us. These data are masked and do not seek to identify or make holders identifiable, but only to better understand how the products and services are used, in order to improve them. We do this sharing to serve our legitimate interests.

Public Authorities: We take compliance with the laws that govern our activities seriously. Thus, if we are subject to any legal or regulatory obligation that determines the provision of personal data to an authority, we are obliged to do so. In addition, if a judge or authority with legal competence requires Positivo Tecnologia to share certain personal data in order, for example, to conduct an investigation, we are also required to share.
If you have any questions about data sharing, please contact us through the service channels available on our website


Users' personal data may be stored outside the national territory, through the cloud computing service. These transfers are made only to companies that comply with applicable laws and maintain a similar or more stringent level of compliance than that provided for in Brazilian law.
To learn more about these companies, contact us through our service channels available on our website.


We will keep your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which we collect it.
The user may request the deletion of the personal data that he has provided to us through our contact channels.
It should be noted, however, that we may keep your personal data stored for the purpose of complying with legal, contractual obligations or requests from competent authorities.


The user may request the display, correction, confirmation of the existence of treatment, the limitation, opposition / revocation of consent or the deletion of his personal data, through our service channels, as available in this Policy. If the user withdraws his consent for fundamental purposes for the regular functioning of our platforms, these platforms may be unavailable to the user. To exercise any of these rights, you can contact us through the service channels available on our platforms or through the channels informed at the end of this Policy.


We take the appropriate measures to protect your personal data, including the use of a secure server, information security tools, confidentiality commitment and training of our employees, for example.
Personal data is collected and stored according to strict standards of confidentiality and security.
While we strive to ensure your privacy and protect your data, we cannot offer complete security. This is because, we may suffer from the action of malicious third parties, unauthorized account entry or use, hardware or software failure, in addition to other factors that may compromise the security of your personal data.
If you identify or become aware of any factor that compromises the security of your data in your relationship with us, please contact us using the contact information indicated below.


If you believe that your personal data has been treated in a manner incompatible with this Policy or with your choices as the holder of your personal data, or, if you have questions, comments or suggestions related to this Policy as well as how we treat your personal data , contact us:


We are always looking to improve our products and services. As a result, this Privacy Policy may undergo periodic updates.

By accessing the website, the user authorizes the use of Cookies under the terms of this Policy.

If you do not agree with the use of Cookies as presented, the user may adjust the settings of his internet browser to not allow the use of Cookies or not to access the website. We remind you that disabling the use of Cookies may impact your experience when browsing our website. For any questions or doubts about this Policy, the user may contact us through the service channels available on the website itself or through the contact information indicated below.


Cookies are small digital files in text format that are stored on the user's device (computer, smartphone, tablet etc.) by the internet browser and that store information related to their preferences, such as preferred language, location, recurrence of their sessions and others variables that website developers consider relevant to make your experience much more efficient.


Cookies serve to improve the user experience, both in terms of performance and in terms of usability, since the content available will be directed to your needs and expectations.
Cookies can also be used to compile anonymous and aggregated statistics that allow us to understand how the user uses the website, as well as to improve its structures and content. As they are anonymous statistics, it is not possible to personally identify you using this data.
The use of Cookies is very common on any digital platform today. Their use in no way affects the devices on which they are stored.


More specifically, we use cookies and other tracking technologies for the following purposes:
To help you navigate;
Assist in logging in and your ability to provide feedback;
Analyze your use of our products, services or applications;
Measure site usage (statistics and video player);
Facilitate sharing on social networks;
Help with our promotional and marketing efforts (including behavioral advertising) to provide content that is most relevant to you and your interests.


The cookies used by our website, applications and platforms can be:

Session Cookies: these are temporary cookies that remain on file until the user leaves the website or closes the browser.

Persistent Cookies: Cookies that are stored on the user's device until they are deleted (the time that the Cookie will remain on the device depends on its "lifetime" and the settings of your internet browser).

Our Cookies (session or persistent) have different functions:

Essential Cookies:Cookies are strictly necessary to provide our services and for our website to function properly, ensuring safe navigation, the correct dimensioning of content and compliance with legal obligations. Without these Cookies, the website does not work correctly

Statistical Cookies (Analytics): Provide statistical infoCookies (Analytics): information about your browsing behavior and how the website is being used. The data collected is aggregated and our goal is to better understand our audience, so that we can offer more interesting content, services and products to those who access our platforms.

Advertising Cookies:They target advertising according to their interests, helping to measure the success of applications and the effectiveness of third-party advertising.

Third Party Cookies: These are used by these companies to create a profile about your interests and show you relevant ads on other websites. They work by uniquely identifying your browser and internet device. If you do not allow these cookies, you will not experience our targeted advertising on different websites.

Advertising and third party cookies are provided by trusted suppliers.


In fact, most Internet browsers are configured by default to automatically accept the installation of cookies. However, you have the option, if you wish, to agree to allow all cookies or to opt out of certain types. The User can make the choice at any time to express and modify their wishes regarding cookies, by the means described below.
However, it is necessary to be aware that if you disable the cookies we use in your browser, you will not be able to fully experience some of our pages.
Remember that if the User uses different devices to view and access our sites, such as tablets, smartphones, computers, he must ensure that each browser on each device is adjusted to suit his preferences regarding cookies.
For the management of cookies and choices, the means to configure each browser are different. They are described in the Help section of the browser, which will let the User know how to change their cookie preferences.

Internet Explorer:


Google Chrome:


Please be informed that this list does not contain all browsers, please refer to the "Settings" or "Support" sections of your browser.


We can change this Cookie Policy at any time as needed.
We encourage all users to periodically review this Policy for the latest information on our privacy practices.


If you have questions or do not think your concerns have been addressed in this Cookie Policy, or, if you have questions, comments or suggestions related to this Policy as well as how we treat your personal data, please contact us:
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