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Doctor Lúcia Yurika Yoshimoto, São Paulo, SP
I have a Pediatric clinic where I give vaccines too. I called the distributors and got a referral from Biotecno. I was very satisfied with the equipment and with all the assistance, which fulfilled everything that was agreed upon from the beginning. Great service and quality, I just have to thank you.
Vaccino Clínica de Vacunas
Centro Clínico Regina - Novo Hamburgo, RS
Desde el principio, con Biotecno todo estuvo al 100%. El servicio y el soporte son realmente buenos y estamos mu satisfechos con nuestro equipo inteligente de conservación de vacunas.
Guilherme Torres, Pharmacist, Master in Biochemistry and CEO of Ponto Care
Ponto Care implements primary care and health prevention services in pharmacies and drugstores, including immunization. Biotecno products are essential in our business to reinforce our concept of technology, health and humanized processes. We trust and are happy to work with your products and services.
Dr. Alessandra Wolanin
Biomedical and technical responsible of Clínica Florescer - CRBM 2494-5
I loved the equipment! It is a very nice investment to bring quality to my client by always maintaining the ideal temperature with the highest technology and safety. Great company, which takes care and attention after and before the sales.
Juliana de Almeida Coco
Proprietary and Responsible Technician Imuni Clinic Immunization Clinic.
The equipment exceeded my expectations for safety and functionality. The staff is always ready for any questions and the equipment has a modern design.
Dr. Carlos Henrique
Santa Clara Vaccine Clinic
A serious, dynamic company that has been bringing technology, sophistication and security over the years to accommodate the most important thing we have: vaccines. Very Brazilian company, first world technology made in Brazil. The Santa Clara Vaccine Clinic, with more than 20 units in 3 states of Brazil, has long been and increasingly deploying Biotecno equipment.
Giovana Ranquetat Fernandes
Pharmacist, President of the Brazilian Society of Community Pharmacists and Pharmacies - SBFFC/RS
We recommend Biotecno products, as they have high quality and still have an impeccable technical team, which provides our customers with more security in the service they provide to the health of the population.
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