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BT 1100/420

420 liters

BT 1100/420

Smart Refrigerator to storage of vaccines, drugs and medicines with temperature from 2° to 8°C, alarms, dialer and temperature homogenization system.


420 liters
2°C to 8°C
198H X 75W X 70D (cm) external
132H X 60W X 56D (cm) internal
4 a 7 shelves or drawers
Triple glass door
Optional, Emergency System for 24 or 48 hours
Consult different autonomy options with our commercial consultants

Vertical stainless steel cabinet with 4 swivel castors with 3 "diagonal brakes.

Stainless steel cabinet equipped with 5 shelves or drawers.

Led lamps with automatic activation when opening the door and/or optional programmable timer with external access even when the door is closed.

The forced-air circulation ensure perfect homogenization of the temperature at all points inside the equipment. It shuts down when the door is opened.

High density injected polyurethane.

Triple glass vertical door with anti-fog system, magnetic profile seal with opening alarm.

Through airtight compressor with CFC-free R-134 A ecological gas circulation, forced-air evaporator unit, automatic defrost system with condensate evaporation.

On the top of the equipment with main switch and protection fuses on the back and membrane-type front panel with soft-touch keys. Electronic microprocessed thermostat with temperature and programming parameters decimal digital display, locking system against inadvertent handling, system that re-establishes the programmed parameters even with abrupt energy variation or equipment shutdown. Filter against electromagnetic noise. Automatic function check system. Equipped with ITTC type sensors. 2.3 amperes battery to support the functions of the electronic panel, to trigger alarms and the dialer on equipment without emergency system.

Visual and simultaneous display for commercial power, temperature deviations, open door, power failure and battery charge level. Electronic recorder of maximum and minimum temperatures reached.

Temperature below 2°C, temperature above 8°C (or 6°C for storage of blood and its components), or adjustable by user. Alarms for electric power cut, open door, inhibit key to silence the buzzer for 15 minutes, or adjustable by user. Equipped with alarm simulator.

Minimum of 2°C and maximum of 8°C (or 6°C for storage of blood and its components), with set point at 4°C, or adjustable by user, with a variation of + -0.1°C.

Electronic recorder of maximum and minimum temperatures reached.

Thermostat installed in parallel with the electronic controller of the equipment, automatically taking control of compressor functions whenever the electronic control fails.

Automatic system that makes telephone calls via telephone switchboard or direct fixed line for up to six numbers whenever the equipment alarms at critical temperature.

Real time follow-up, access to charts and reports remotely via mobile application, including retroactive data, allowing management of the refrigerator via Internet with RS232/485/DB-25 serial output.

Bivolt 127/220 VOLTS 50/60 Hz

1 year.

Panel and display configurations may vary depending on equipment features. Merely illustrative images. Equipment design may change without notice.

Temperature controller certification for proof of measurement uncertainty (IM, errors, trends, etc.), together with INMETRO (RBC) proven traceability.
Remote alarm system developed for places that are not served by conventional telephone line, uses cellular chip of any operator, making automatic calls to up to six numbers (mobile or landline) whenever the equipment alarms for CRITICAL temperature.
With the logo of the establishment and the image to be chosen by the customer. See custom sticker options by clicking here.
Cylindrical lock system for locking the door.
Through 12 volt (dc) converter to 110/220 volts (ac), maintaining all electro-electronic functions, including the free range¹ cold compressor according to the model from 2 to 72 hours. Integrated into the cabinet, mounted on the bottom of the chamber, with sealed battery drawer. AutonomiaEmergency of the Emergency System may vary due to ambient temperature and battery usage time.
System for extracting temperature data via flash drive / data logger.
20 units of recyclable ice caps to aid in temperature maintenance. Only for equipment purchased WITHOUT Emergency System.
Ethernet communication data converter (internet or intranet). Interface that allows Biotecno cameras to connect to networked computers. Through the IP address of the converter it is possible to access and manage the equipment in local network through the Internet.

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